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Auto Auction Virtual Inventory Website Integration - Vehicle Remarketing

December 29, 2020 | Bobby Deleon

Auto Wholesale Auction Remarketing

MyDealerOnline (MDO) is an innovative technology that instantly places wholesale auction and other wholesale-sourced vehicles virtual inventory on dealers' websites for consumer shopping, effectively enabling public buyers to purchase them through dealers. Plus, dealers can bid, buy now, and sell cars right from their desktop or mobile device and have the vehicles shipped directly to them with the click of a button.

MDO is a wholesale to retail digital product that allows car dealers to broker auto auction inventory straight from their websites. We partner with auction houses and place a custom inventory feed directly onto subscribing dealers' websites.

We remove the guessing game from the wholesale car buying experience that enables dealers to "Sell Before You Buy." MDO provides auction houses and their consignors with a broader buyer base and car dealers with increased online virtual inventory for direct consumer shopping.

Industry research has shown that website conversions to leads increase at a minimum of 24% when customers have a broader vehicle selection.

Wholesale Auction Virtual Inventory on Your Website

MDO software enables dealerships to add wholesale auction virtual inventory to their websites with only a few short clicks. A division of Hearst Business Media, Black Book is now powering the platform's vehicle valuation resource and residual value forecast solutions. Auto dealers can leverage Black Book's trusted vehicle valuations for an accurate price to make online vehicle offers to potential car buyers, perhaps browsing thousands of cars countrywide.

The MDO platform negates the typical physical inventory cost for floor-plans for a dealership. The platform also enhances the acquisition process, revenue potential, and customer satisfaction rates with this one solution.

As a wholesale online auction that's direct-to-consumer, MDO increases the chances for lease companies, wholesalers, consigners, and rental fleets to successfully resale inventory as off-lease and off-rental units.

Dealers and auction wholesalers are impressed with our platform's ability to virtually connect car shoppers with a vast inventory limited by no physical real estate at the dealership. With Black Book as the vehicle valuation engine, it ensures that dealerships can offer expanded inventory at a price point that offers less adversarial friction to customers with increased profit potential to the bottom line.

The platforms will significantly improve the chances of lease companies, wholesalers, financiers, and cosigners to remarket excess inventory. Additionally, vehicle valuations will help dealers maximize their profit potential on their expanded list of inventory options to customers with this platform.

MDO is a wholesale to retail digital product that allows car dealers to virtually broker auto auction inventory straight from their websites. MDO partners with wholesale auction houses and various vehicle supply channels and places a custom inventory feed directly onto subscribing dealers' websites.

Finding Quality Inventory Has Become a Significant Challenge

Today the demand for used vehicles has never been higher, with over 9 million cars sold last year worldwide. Through the digital transformation, the auto auction industry has advanced light-years in a short time in the way that buyers find, appraise, and buy vehicles. Nowadays, thousands of auctions worldwide offer luxury, retro, and everyday automotive cars to satisfy just about everyone's needs.

According to Manheim, the list of online car auctions for used cars is continually growing based on their study. More than 80,000 businesses participate in the used vehicle industry to include online auto auctions. Online auctions make it easier for your dealership to deliver a more diverse inventory.

Finding quality inventory has become a significant challenge and almost unsustainable for many dealerships. As such, many independent dealers are turning to online auto auctions to mitigate lower margins, longer turn rates, and reduce risks.

Online auctions are quickly evolving, like many other industries, giving dealers a wider variety of inventory. MyDealerOnline is an aggregator of auction listings to aid your dealerships in buying auction vehicles that are priced right and at the right time.

MDO How It Works

Online Auto Auctions for Car Dealers Made Simple

A dealer's auto auction that is open to the public is one of the best ways to purchase a like-new, used, or salvage title vehicle. These websites open the possibility of getting the car you want for less money than at a dealer or private seller.

Consumers will not be limited in the types of vehicles, colors, and models available, solely on the dealers' lot but will find more inventory options on the dealer's website. Dealers will be able to browse vehicles throughout the U.S and Canada.

By default, subscribers will get access to both salvage and whole (clean) cars. However, dealers can display the type of vehicles they want on their website according to their preferences.

The platform enables dealers to specify additional vehicle filtering options such as inventory supplier, make, model, year, mileage, and more. We are continually working to grow our inventory supplier base. MDO offers both salvage and clean car inventory from the following sources:

  • Copart

  • Dealer Auto Auction

  • Impact

  • Insurance Auto Auction (IAA)

  • Capital Auto Auction

  • Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC)

  • Carriage Trade

  • ADESA (for international dealers only)

  • Auto Exchange (AIMS)

  • And other Wholesale Auctions

  • Where Do Wholesale Auctions Acquire Vehicles?

    There are many sources that auctioneers obtain their vehicle inventory, a few the sources are included but not limited to below:

  • Insurance Companies

  • Fleet Management Companies

  • Dealer Consignment

  • Selected Franchise Dealerships

  • Rental Vehicle Agencies

  • Selected Independent Dealerships

  • Financial Service Institutions

  • National Independent Physical Auctions

  • Helping Dealers Sell More Cars

    Helping dealers sell more of your cars upstream has never been easier with the auction pricing, and listings pre-marketed with buy now prices. Additionally, there are a variety of resources with guidance on wholesale pricing. You will not need to change your daily operations. You can seamlessly add the MDO Program and increase returns without spending more money or adding personnel.

    Typically, you need to spend a considerable sum of money to reach new segments of a competitive market. By listing your vehicles on MDO, you will expose your inventory to non-traditional customers with ZERO financial investment and revenue sharing opportunities.

    MDO is FREE of charge for vehicle suppliers and we guarantee a mutually beneficial partnership that provides vehicle suppliers with greater exposure of their inventory. You can display vehicles on your website by receiving a brand-new website provided by MDO, MDO inventory widget, and a forthcoming API integration.

    Understandably some dealerships are concerned about using online auctions. While that is a valid concern, with low arbitration rates and thousands of vehicles sold online every day and with modern online auction platforms giving you the tools to evaluate vehicles before purchasing makes this less of an issue.

    Wrapping Up

    This digital transformation is leading an industry evolution by anticipating the needs of sellers and buyers. Combining the absolute best technologies and techniques leads to a remarketing experience that is intuitive, efficient, and transparent. Dealerships can focus on serving their customer base, growing their business, and spending less time sourcing inventory.

    MDO gives you access to cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, tractor-trailers, and other vehicles directly from auctions primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Let us face it, there are more cars to sell than people to buy them, and your dealership is competing for consumer attention, as such, you need new and innovative ways to show off your inventory to get noticed.

    At MDO, we developed a product that will revolutionize auto remarketing for dealers, auctions, consignors, and consumers. The technology innovations add up to an exciting time for the automotive remarketing industry.

    Therefore, I highly recommend MyDealerOnline, with years in the auto auction industry, is the perfect combination for complete vehicle remarketing services. Whereby, your dealership can gain access to all our great wholesale auto auction deals and find the autos you are looking for at an unbeatable wholesale auction price.

  • Key Feature #1: Zero cost to dramatically expanding your inventory

  • Key Feature #2: Pre-sell the car before investing in inventory, lowering risk

  • Key Feature #3: Broader selection of inventory, whereby increasing the conversion rate


  • Free Integration and Set-up 

  • Buy Now Options

  • Business Workflow Unchanged

  • Unlimited Vehicle Uploads

  • Dynamic Vehicle Filtering

  • Easy to Get Started


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